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A person sleeps 1/3 of its life so shouldn’t people care about it?

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A new ozone based system of sanitizing and sterilizing all our bedding textile products.


A revolutionary Air System will stop your sweating.


Airdreamer is a Medical device that complies with a lot of European Certification.

Sustainable Luxury

We believe that taking care of our Health is one of the most important things in our life but we must do it with due regard for our planet.


Front, back or side sleeper? Choose the right pillow for you.

Sleep like a baby

Choosing the proper pillow  that gives you the right support for your spine can make the difference.  

Find out how Airdreamer can improve your life

A lot of studies show how a damp pillow makes your sleep worse and we sleep 1/3 of our entire life so that’s definitively one of the most important things.

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Recent events have placed a strong impact on concepts such as respect and self-protection.

MED1994 has always developed products conceived for our wellbeing without forgetting about our planet. Now more than ever, we can say that breathing clean air is an investment in our health and a source of vital energy.

We’ve always looked to nature to find the right inspiration and innovative solutions. This is how Airozone was created, a new ozone based system of sanitizing and sterilizing all our bedding textile products. This system is able to sterilize every form of viral and bacterial infection through the disinfectant action that destroys the cell membrane of both viruses and bacteria deactivating their cytoplasm. 

Airozone becomes a sterilizer that cleans the air and the textiles destroying all contaminants. It’s a certified system developed to give you more safety and protection. Moreover, it is certified by the Italian health department as a natural system as it doesn’t release any pollutants during its use, preserving the treated products perfectly. 


The core concept behind it is building a free layer inside every product: an active suspension helps humid air to be released and replaced with clean, dry air.

An “accordion” effect is produced in the inner layer of air by the countless movements that our bodies make unconsciously while we are sleeping.

This adds the finishing touch to the SISTEMA ARIA® and guarantees ideal levels of comfort all night long, with perfect breathability and thermoregulation IN EVERY SEASON. In addition, this distinctive patented SYSTEM has solved the age-old problem of choosing the right LEVEL OF WARMTH. It is normally necessary to decide how thick or thin a product should be and consider things such as thermal performance and tog ratings, but in this case the same product meets all needs: one only product for everyone

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All of our products can be classified as medical devices thanks to the results achieved through ongoing work in partnership with Italian universities and cutting-edge specialist centres, which underline the soundness of the SISTEMA ARIA® structure and its capacity to improve the quality of life of people with serious medical conditions.