Why You Need Bedtime Habits

How many times you have complained about your sleep? Creating a bedtime routine is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. At the end of the day you can slow down and focus on what matters the most.

A lot of studies have shown that insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. Stress from your job and your personal life can cause sleep anxiety. If you create a bedtime routine you will put your body in a relaxed state. By the time you’re finished, your body should feel relaxed and ready for lights out.

Since no two bedtime habits are the same, we’ve collected some of the best habits below. Keep reading for inspiration to create an healthy routine that will improve your sleep. 


1. Turn Off Electronic Devices

Screens from smartphones, laptops and TV’s emit blue light. 

This kind of light stimulates the body’s internal clock and influences the production of melatonin that is an essential hormone for your sleep. 

Sleep studies have shown that exposure to high amounts of blue light before bed can lower melatonin levels, resulting in sleeplessness and delayed REM sleep, so you should shut off your screen 1 hour before sleep. When it comes to getting a full night’s rest, there’s a fine line to walk between sleep and technology.

You better wait until morning to binge-watch Netflix and check your Instagram feed.

Think about it: they’re not going anywhere.

Drink something warm and read a book, your life and your sleep will be happy. 

2. Drinking Something Warm

Drinking a warm of your favorite beverage can warm you up and get you in the right mood for bedtime. Chamomile tea is an excellent choice for your sleep, it has been used for centuries to treat sleep disorders and insomnia.

For kids, drinking warm milk can help encourage sleep. As adults, chamomile is the bedtime go-to. You can also choice Valerian or other herbs that relax yourself.

Another option is the turmeric is a superfood that helps you sleep and can help combat depression and inflammation, plus provide pain relief. It can be a little bitter, so try creating a bedtime concoction like turmeric golden milk, it’ll be more tasty.

3. Set an Alarm to Signal that Bedding time is Coming

You should go to sleep each day at the same hour. In this way your body will naturally understand when it’s time to go sleep or wake up. Set an alarm or notification on your phone using the iPhone sleep timer or an Android mobile app. It will be a help signal that it’s time to unplug and start your bedtime routine. 

4. Eat Light

Eating late meals and drinking alcohol before bed can create unhealthy sleep habits and encourage weight gain. You should limit your eating window to 10 hours per day, to improve your metabolism and sleep quality and if you get a late meal try healthier food. You should eat oatmeal, yogurt, or nuts. In this way you’ll boost your melatonin levels before bedtime.

Alcohol is a depressant, which can make you sleepy while drinking but the effects wear off quickly, lowering melatonin levels and disrupting your circadian rhythm, which can delay REM sleep and cause insomnia. Moreover if used as part of a nightly routine, the tolerance increases, requiring more alcohol to reach a state of drowsiness. 

5. Relax Your Mind with Yoga or a Meditation Session

Using meditation and yoga for sleep will help relax your muscles and your mind. They decelerate the mind and body, you will relieve tension and most of all you will improve your sleep quality.

Yoga is the ultimate grounding practice. Poses like down dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), cat-cow (Chakravakasana) and child’s pose (Balasana) push stress out of hamstrings, shoulders and lower back. There’re other positions that will stretch muscles that you didn’t even know were tight. Breathing, calming yourself and listen a relaxing playlist. 

6. Take a Shower or Bath and Push Out the Stress

Taking a shower or bath one or two hours before bed lowers the body’s temperature and encourages healthy sleep. Even if you’re a morning bather, it feels good to wash off the day.
 Take your time and try taking a sleep aid before you step into the shower or bath.

Day is over now just relax your mind and body.


You will see how having Healthy Bedtime Habits can improve your sleep and change your life, You just have to clean your mind and prepare yourself to go into dreamland.

Go to bed, relax, take your favorite pillow and good night.