Thank you for choosing a MED1994 product. For many years our company has been dedicated to a new type of research, with the goal of improving the quality of your sleep. All of our products are made in Italy in cutting-edge artisan processes with a single objective in mind: personal well-being. The new philosophy that emerged from contemplation of this matter can be summed up by four simple words: soft tech from nature.

MED1994 offers a lifelong guarantee against latent defects, i.e. faults that could not have been discovered immediately by a reasonably thorough inspection. In accordance with the laws in force, MED1994 provides a two-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects for products subjected to normal conditions of use.

Due to the natural materials used to make the items, variations of +/- 2 cm in the dimensions should be considered normal. They do not constitute a defect.
The guarantee does not cover the “movement” of the filling from one square to another in products with box-based structures that are filled with down.
The guarantee does not cover any damage to the medical devices caused by incorrect use.
Under the terms of the MED1994 guarantee, defective parts will be repaired or replaced for free or, only in circumstances where it is possible, the product will be replaced.

Customers can only make claims against the guarantee if they have the original receipt or invoice.